Wrest Park

Advanced Tournament 3-4 August

Manager Rod Ashwell ponders the pairings for the Saturday afternoon games while the players enjoy lunch. Clockwise from left: Jonathan Wolfe, Kevin Carter, John Tew, Bryan Harral, Omied Hallam, Simon Hathrell, Adrian Morris, George Collin, Brian Havill and Charlie Martin.

The tournament was won, as it was last year, by Omied Hallam who began with a +17TP against Kevin Carter and never looked back, winning all of his seven games. The closest he came to a defeat was in beating Adrian Morris +3. Next best was David Marsh, whose only loss was to Omied and who completed the only other TP of the weekend against Rod Ashwell.

Of the rest, both Bryan Harral and Simon Hathrell did well, only losing to Omied and David. Not forgetting club member John Tew, who broke his duck against fellow 5 handicapper Charlie Martin, winning +1 on time (three hour limits had been imposed). Our thanks for the weather - fine and warm - and to John Bevington for the catering, supplemented by two kilos of local cherries.

Omied Hallam (-1)   7/7

David Marsh (-1) 5/6

Bryan Harral (-½)   4/6

Simon Hathrell (-1)   4/6

George Collin (1½)   3/5

Rod Ashwell (-½)   3/6

Kevin Carter (0)   2/5

Brian Havill (½)   2/5

Adrian Morris (1½)   2/6

John Tew (5)   1/5

Jonathan Wolfe (½)   1/5

Charlie Martin (5)   0/5

The snapper snapped - Charlie Martin with Omied and Rod.

The view from the boundary - or, in this case, from behind the thistles.

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