2020 News

Dec 2

Play can now restart subject to the new requirements for equipment cleaning and lawn booking, which were circulated in Tim's recent email and can be found here. As we have not been able to meet up for the Annual Dinner this is an opportunity to wish all members and their families a Merry Christmas and a Happier New Year. If you need more support bubbles, buy a bottle of champagne.

Nov 8

Members will know that play is on hold until further notice. But be not discontented – If Winter comes, can the Fixtures Book be far behind?

The committee, well aware of this, has agreed (via Zoom) the proposed dates for next season’s tournaments, and then submitted them to the CA. They are on the Wrest Park page on the CA website, together with the dates for various CA coaching courses.

Oct 30

The results of this year's club competitions.

Sep 26/27

The EACF Champions tournaments.

Sep 20

Eric Audsley won the September handicap tournament.

Sep 13

Philip Eardley won the Selectors Weekend.

Sep 6

Les Heard won the GC A level tournament.

Sep 1

Northampton won the GC 4 Club Trophy.

Aug 17

Marilyn Robinson won the GC B level tournament.

Aug 11

Elaine Wilson won the GC C level tournament.

Aug 9

Richard Waterman won the August Advanced tournament.

Jul 26

Ian Burridge won the Eastern Championship.

Jul 18

Vivienne and Les Heard won the club GC Doubles tournament.

Jul 5

Mark Avery won the July Advanced tournament, completing triple peels in each of his five games. This was the first advanced tournament to be held anywhere this year.

Jun 19

This date marks the website's tenth birthday. Over the years the only changes to the original design have been the replacing of a Google map with a Streetmap (a change made necessary for technical reasons) and the introduction of a horizontal rule between the months on the Diary page to aid clarity.

Anyone interested in seeing how the lawns and surrounding area have changed over time should look at the various historical overhead views available on Google Earth. Streetview is especially interesting: the footage going across the bridge is contemporary, but if you turn left and follow the track past the pavilion you are taken back in time to a point before the lawns were established.

Jun 14

George Collin won the club GC Singles tournament, the first event of the season and played using the latest CA tournament guidelines.

May 16

The CA have issued a Covid infographic, a copy of which is on display in the pavilion. The idea of using mallets to measure the approved social distance is appropriate, and a "mallet bump" could serve as a substitute for a handshake. But how long can you hold your mallet horizontally at arm's length? A novel test of strength.

May 14

The lawns are now available for play. They have been cut at 7mm (the true height is a bit lower), the lines have been redrawn and the corners have been marked with yard pegs, which should be left in during and after play.

Tim's recent email is reproduced below:

Following the announcements by the Prime Minister earlier this week and the subsequent relaxation of some of the restrictions we have been subject to for the last 7 weeks, the Croquet Association has issued new guidance for clubs.

We are therefore able to open the lawns again subject to the guidelines (see link above) and the following specific points that apply to Wrest Park (note that some of points below make reference to the numbered points in the CA guidance document):

  1. You only need to enter the main pavilion. There is no need to access the croquet cupboard, nor the lean-to. The hoops and balls are in the pavilion, at the far end. The yellow bowl in the sink is for washing the balls (advice to players in point 4, CA document). The hoop positions have been marked with white-liner.
  2. Stay as far apart as possible from other club members who may also be practising/playing.
  3. When putting the hoops in or out, try to avoid touching them e.g. use a clean piece of paper or disposable gloves that you take away with you.
  4. Do not use the catering cupboard.
  5. Do not create any washing up.
  6. Take all your rubbish home with you.
  7. You are expected to book a playing slot by phoning Peter Aspinall on 01525 716614 between 7 and 8 in the evening, either for the next day or within the next 7 days. We may adopt an on-line booking system depending upon how well the system of phoning Peter works.
  8. 4 lawns are available for practice or singles, single banked, plus the small lawn 5. You may have to put up with mowing of the lawn you are playing on.
  9. Casually turning up is discouraged. Bookings take priority.
  10. Consider bringing your own folding chair if you wish to sit by a lawn (advice to players CA document, point 13).

no date

Lawns in lockdown - interim reports.

Apr 1

Please note the following:

All Federation AC and GC League matches are suspended until further notice.

Wrest Park is closed until further notice, so the St Georges Day event is either cancelled or postponed. This closure does not apply to our use of the lawns and we will let you know when play can restart.

The GC A, B and C level tournaments have been rescheduled for August and September. The new dates are on the Diary page.

Mar 24

Following the announcement by the Prime Minister last night with regard to the new instructions for minimising the spread of the coronavirus and advice from the Croquet Association, we are closing the lawns for at least the next three weeks with immediate effect. We will be following Croquet Association advice as to when we will be able to reopen the lawns for play.

Grass cutting can be continued with suitable social distancing and this will be done.

Mar 16

The club now has a social page on Facebook which can be found by searching for Wrest Park Croquet Club.

Feb 4

The Annual General Meeting will be on Thursday 5 March at 7.30 in the Pavilion. Tea and coffee will be available. The pavilion has no heating, so dress appropriately.

Jan 20

The News and Diary pages from 2019 have been placed in the Archive.

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