Wrest Park

2021 Club competitions

At the time of writing (29 October) only one of the competitions has been concluded. Quite why they should have become so drawn out this year is something of a mystery, but here is the position to date.

Note that as there will be no Annual Dinner this year the holders from last year are requested to make arrangements to hand over the trophies to this year’s winners once they emerge. It is up to the winner to get his or her name engraved on the trophy and pay for it.

Steel Cup (AC level advanced)

s/f  David Marsh beat Rod Ashwell +17

s/f  David Marsh beat Gorge Collin +7

David Marsh won by winning both semi-finals. This leaves Rod and George to play each other for the  Bottomley Plate, awarded to the Steel Cup runner-up.

Archer Cup (AC Handicap)

The final will be between Eric Audsley and the winner of the semi-final between David Marsh and Nick Evans.

Ashwell Cup (AC Handicap - All England qualifier)

Eric Audsley and George Collin have to play each other in both semi-finals, so it is effectively a best of three.

14 point trophy (AC level advanced)

David Marsh to play Eric Audsley in one semi-final. In the other half there are still two quarter-finals to play: David v Rod Ashwell and Nick Evans v Eric Audsley.

GC Handicap

The final will be between Richard Keighley and the winner of the semi-final between Terry Collis and Eric Audsley.

De Grey Cup (AC B level advanced)

As there were only two entrants (David Woolley and Geoff Strutt) it is unclear whether this counts as a bona fide competition or not.

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