Wrest Park

GC Leagues 2021

There are three GC Leagues: Open, B level and Handicap, and Wrest Park is playing in all of them. In each League the participating clubs are grouped by area, and the area winners have a playoff at the end of the season to decide the overall winner.

Full details of the clubs, fixtures, formats and results for each League are on the EACF website.

Many thanks to Richard Keighley for his prodigious efforts in organising all the fixtures and teams.

Open League

This is divided into two areas: Western and Eastern. Wrest Park are in the Western Area, with Watford, Northampton, Enfield and Letchworth.

The team regulars were Eric Audsley, George Collin, Ross Bagni and Paul Gunn, with Terry Collis, Tony Meredith, Richard Skidmore and Richard Keighley each playing in one match.

v Northampton (home)     Lost 4-14

v Letchworth (away)     Lost 7-11

v Enfield (home)     Won 13-5

v Watford (home)     Lost 4-10

Winners: Watford. Wrest Park finished 4th.

B level League

There are two areas: North and East, and Central and West. Wrest Park are in the Central and West area with Watford, Enfield, Leighton-Linslade and Letchworth.

The team consisted of Richard Skidmore, Terry Collis and Tony Meredith, with Rob Chatwin playing twice and Marilyn Robinson and Glynis Davies once each.

v Watford (home)     Won 12-6

v Letchworth (home)     Won 14-4

v Leighton-Linslade (away)     Won 11-9

v. Enfield (away)     Lost 6-12

Winners: Enfield. Wrest Park finished 2nd.

Handicap League

There are four areas: Northern, Eastern, Central (suspended for 2021) and Western. Wrest Park are in the Western Area, with Stony Stratford, Enfield (E), Watford, Leighton-Linslade and Enfield (W).

The team was Richard Skidmore, Chris Harrison, Terry Collis and Tony Meredith, with Richard Keighley playing in one match.

v Stony Stratford (away)     Lost 4-6

v Leighton Linslade (home)     Won 10-8

v Enfield (E) (away)     Lost 5-13

v Enfield (W) (home)     Lost 6-12

v Watford (away)     Won 10-8

Winners: Enfield (E). Wrest Park finished 4th.

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