Wrest Park

Mary Rose 2021

Eric and Cliff in play during the afternoon singles.

v Watford (away)     25 June     lost 3-4

George Collin (1) and John Bevington (1) lost to Brian Havill (½) and Gary Bennett (1) -16

Eric Audsley (2) beat Nick Archer (1) +3

Cliff Jones (1) lost to John Smallbone (3½) -10

George Collin lost to Brian Havill -4

John Bevington lost to Gary Bennett -7

Eric Audsley beat John Smallbone +11

Cliff Jones beat Nick Archer +8

There was controversy before play started: how was the playing order to be decided? Cliff, as our captain, had a team list based on rankings whereas Brian Havill had one based on handicap. Brian was right (see the Fixtures Book p96 if in doubt). This left George and John as the doubles pair. Gary got round to 3-back, but a miss when giving away a lift gave John an easy start. He then failed at the same hoop. Brian then got going after several hoop approaches when he over-compensated for the lushness of the lawn. It was heavy going, and Cliff found it especially so when trying to hit or at least reach a succession of distant targets. At lunch we were 2-1 down.

John then put down a break at hoop 4 and later played a wrong ball (having been set an example by George in the doubles) before losing, and George came off second best in a close end game. The match was lost, but Cliff and Eric made the scoreline more respectable: Cliff incorporating a double peel and Eric a six hoop two-ball break. And it was good to be back in the Mary Rose again on such an unexpectedly sunny day. Our thanks to Watford for their hospitality – the new clubhouse facilities are a welcome addition.

Watford’s new clubhouse.

Captain Cliff runs rover after the peel.

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