Wrest Park

Mary Rose 2023

v Watford (home)     22 July     lost 0-4

John Bevington (1) and Tim Brewer (2½) lost to Brian Havill (½) and Nick Archer (1½) -13

David Woolley (10) lost to Gary Bennett (2) -10

Peter Aspinall (10) lost to Jonathan Lambton (3) -2

John Bevington v Brian Havill DNF

Tim Brewer v Nick Archer DNF

Peter Aspinall lost to Gary Bennett -17

David Woolley v Jonathan Lambton DNF

We had a walk-over against Newport in the first round as they were unable to raise a team for any of the suggested dates, so the first match was a home tie against Watford. It was a thoroughly miserable day with drizzle from the start and the rain getting more insistent as the day wore on. Once Watford had established a winning lead the remaining games were abandoned in favour of tea and cake and an early return home.

In the doubles Nick’s shooting enabled him and Brian to establish a big lead before a miss at our balls by the first hoop enabled John to go to 4-back after a stop shot approach. Peter did well to only lose by 2, but we were 2-0 down at lunch with the doubles still in progress. John then opted to forgo Sharman Harral’s splendid lunch to go home and retrieve his waterproofs, but what should have taken an hour ended up taking rather longer after encountering a jam on the M1 and having to take a detour on the way back. He arrived to find that the doubles had been lost, but not before Tim had peeled him through 4-back after having made a few hoops himself.

When Peter lost to Gary at around 4pm we agreed that there was little point in getting any wetter and the remaining games were abandoned. If you consider the relative handicaps we had been rather up against it from the start. Many thanks to organiser Bryan Harral, and to Peter and David who were on lawn 3 and had to endure the rain all day without the ability to avail themselves of the shelter of the changing room. Next time we will make sure to put up the gazebo.

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