Wrest Park

Top dressing for Lawn 3 - 17 October

Some of the grounds team taking a break
after transferring the top dressing to its grid positions.

This activity had been scheduled for the following day but was brought forward due to the imminent arrival of Storm Babet. Nine tons of loose material (with a higher loam content) had been delivered the week before and protected by tarpaulins weighed down with old pallets.

Lawn 3 was overlaid with a grid marked by bisques which served as dropping-off points for each barrowload. George Collin had calculated that the number of points multiplied by eight shovelfuls per barrow would use up most of the nine tons available. It’s worth noting that nine tons was the most practical amount in terms of delivery from the supplier.

With four barrows in operation the grid was filled in relatively quickly. Those not on the barrows spread out the heaps, and then the layer of dressing was gone over in all directions with the dragmat to work it into the surface.

While this was going on we had a delivery consisting of a pallet containing numerous bags of spring + autumn fertiliser and ferrous sulphate, together with containers of liquid fertiliser, which were all transferred to the shipping container.

There was even time to mow lawns 1 and 4. A good day’s work, and very many thanks to everyone who turned out to help.

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