Wrest Park

GC Development Squad coaching weekend 6-7 April

This differed from last year’s course in that we were trialling three sets of Quadway hoops, which are said to be harder to run than other sorts. They came with a full suite of accessories including a bespoke dibber (the carrots are square not round) and hoop lifter.

The uprights are attached to the crown by bolts using an Allen key and can be rotated. One carrot is marked 3 3/4 on one face and 3 11/16 on the opposite face. The other is marked = on one face and - on the opposite face, so there are four possible settings. If the two inside faces are 3 3/4 and = the width is 3 3/4 inches, and if the =/- upright is rotated so the two inside faces are 3 3/4 and - the width is 3 3/4 minus one sixty-fourth. The same variations apply if the inside face is 3 11/16.

The holes were made some days before and the hoops (on the 3 3/4 and = setting) were inserted without any attempt at fine tuning. The width should have been 3.750 inches. Measurements with a Vernier showed a mean of 3.717 and a range of 0.024, indicating overall consistency albeit rather narrower than expected.

There is a report of the weekend on the CA website.

A Quadway hoop. Note the bolts to allow rotation of the uprights, and the square carrots.

On the right, the coaching in progress.

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