Wrest Park

Advanced tournament 11-12 August

Robert Wilkinson won the tournament, as he did last year, with six wins from seven games. Steve Comish was runner-up with five from seven, ahead of five players on four wins. There were 17 entries with handicaps ranging from -1½ to 6, so manager Rod Ashwell imposed three-hour time limits to keep things moving (a fact not noticed by one pair in the opening round until only five minutes remained). Richard Smith got off to a good start by beating Steve Comish +17TP, which stung Steve into winning his next two games with TPs, his opponents scoring three points between them. Richard’s next game against George Collin went to time as a result of both players’ preoccupation with peeling manoeuvres, George eventually winning +3.

Defending champion Robert Wilkinson began with two wins but was brought up short by Jon Palin who won impressively +23. Robert then beat Richard Smith +26 in a repeat of the unfinished Eastern Championship Plate final and completed TPs either side of beating Steve Comish, his nearest challenger.

All this and continuous warm sunshine, which had us worried when the gas fridge failed to work, but it somehow seemed to cure itself without apparent human intervention. God moves in a mysterious way….

Robert Wilkinson 6/7 2TPs

Steve Comish 5/7 2 TPs

Richard Smith 4/6 2 TPs

George Collin, Jon Palin, Harry Fisher & Nick Steiner 4/6

Ian Mantle 3/6

David Marsh 3/7

Nigel Hames-Keward, Rod Ashwell, George Woolhouse & John Bevington 2/5

Philip Windred 2/6

Terry Mahoney 2/7

Amanda Hames-Keward 1/5

John Hall 0/5

Robert Wilkinson lines up the rover peel at the conclusion of his game
against John Bevington.

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