Wrest Park

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English Heritage
English Heritage are the owners of Wrest Park, and on this page there are links to a short history and description of the property and gardens, together with days of opening, entry fees and special events.

Croquet England

This is the game’s national governing body. CE publishes the laws of the game, appoints referees, maintains the handicapping system, organises club competitions and assists clubs with advice and grants. It also publishes the annual Fixtures Book giving details of all the recognised tournaments taking place at clubs in the UK. The website also contains details of all the CE registered and affiliated clubs.

The East Anglian Croquet Federation

For administrative purposes the country is divided into a number of federations, who promote the game within their own area and organise local leagues and other competitions. Wrest Park is a member of the EACF. The EACF website provides detailed information on clubs in the area and also carries match and tournament reports.

The Oxford Croquet website

This site, devised and maintained by Dr Ian Plummer, is a compendium of croquet-related material, including articles on tactics, lawn maintenance and a host of other topics. It is an invaluable resource and well worth dipping into.

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