Wrest Park

2022 News

May 22

David Marsh won the AC Handicap tournament.

May 18

Edwin Bone won the GC B level tournament.

May 14

Lawn speeds: the speed of a lawn is measured by hitting a ball so that it travels the length of the lawn and comes to rest on the opposite boundary.The longer it takes, the faster the lawn. Measurements taken after mowing on 14 May resulted in 12 seconds for lawn 1 and an average of 10 seconds for lawns 2, 3 and 4 .

The  higher speed for lawn 1 may be due in part to the fact that it was cut with a different mower which appeared to be taking off more grass even though the height setting was 6mm as for the other mower. Lawn 2 showed a distinct difference depending on which end the ball was hit from: slower (9 seconds) from south to north and faster (11 seconds) from north to south.

10 seconds is regarded as typical, with higher speeds recommended for tournament play.

Apr 29

Wrest Park draw 3-3 against Enfield in the Beds & Herts League.

Apr 24

Ross Bagni won the GC A level tournament.

Jan 2

A Happy New Year! The News and Diary pages from 2021 have been placed in the Archive. The 2022 Diary shows the dates for this season's tournaments and other events.

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