Wrest Park

Golf croquet B level tournament 23 June

Report and photo by John Cundell, as it appeared in the Leighton Buzzard Observer

13 players met at Wrest Park for the second B level level play singles tournament to be held there. They were split into blocks of six and seven. Eight of them were from Leighton-Linslade – in block A were David Ball, John Thorp, Roger Stroud and Martin Field, whilst block B had Pauline Lafrere, Jean Ball, John Cundell and Richard Keighley.

From other clubs round the country were Ian and Jean Cobbold from Reigate Priory, Terrey Sparks from Hunstanton, John Edwards from Broadwas, near Worcester, and Jane Collier from Colchester.

At lunch block A was led by John Thorp who had won his first three games, and John Cundell was in a similar situation in block B. John Thorp continued his march towards a clean sweep but John Cundell slipped back, and at the end of the block play there was a close finish with Richard Keighley and Terrey Sparks on four wins. As Terrey had beaten Richard he went through to play John Thorp in the final.

This was an excellent battle, enthusiastically watched by all the other players. It seesawed up to the inevitable 13th hoop where John Thorp kept his cool to win, going one better than his performance in the same tournament last year, in which he was runner-up.

L-R: Manager Richard Keighley, winner John Thorp and runner-up Terrey Sparks.

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