Advanced Tournament 1-2 August

Joel Taylor on the way to his sixth win, against Adrian Kirby.

A week can be a long time in croquet. From the incessant rain during the previous weekend’s Eastern Championship we were blessed with uninterrupted sunshine and fast lawns. It turned out to be a reverse of the July result; this time Joel Taylor winning undefeated ahead of Cliff Jones whose only loss was to Joel. Cliff managed the only TP to succeed although several were attempted - Bryan Harral was on course to repeat his success in the July tournament but failed the pegout after doing all the peels.

The 14 players were evenly matched with six playing off scratch or better, and only three of the 38 games went to the three-hour time limit imposed by manager Rod Ashwell. Our thanks to Richard Keighley and David Woolley for lunches and teas.

Those who have played at the old lawns will remember that kestrels used to nest in a hole in a nearby oak tree. On Saturday and Sunday a young kestrel was a regular spectator, adopting a variety of perches (chairs, hoops) and spent much time walking across the lawns picking up insects. What he or she thought of the play is not recorded.

Joel Taylor (0) 6/6

Cliff Jones (-½) 5/6

Clive Goode (2) 3/5

John Bevington (1) 3/5

Bryan Harral (0) 3/5

Rod Ashwell (0) 3/5

Adrian Kirby (½) 4/7

George Collin (0) 4/7

Philip Windred (3) 3/7

George Woolhouse (2½) 2/4

Nick Steiner (0) 1/5

Terry Mahoney (½) 1/5

David Marsh (1) 1/6

Jim Potter (4) 0/5

Rod Ashwell watches as Cliff attempts a rush to rover with green, with brown for the peg and white pegged out. Cliff failed to get position and Rod hit in to make 3 and 4-back. Cliff finally made rover and somewhat fortuitously rushed partner back through the hoop before pegging out to win +3.

L-R Adrian Kirby, winner Joel Taylor, Rod Ashwell, George Collin, Cliff Jones, John Wheeler, George Woolhouse, Bryan Harral, Philip Windred.

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