Advanced Tournament 11-12 August

The tournament was won by Omied Hallam with seven wins in eight games, his only loss being to Annabel McDiarmid. Annabel had six wins in seven games, losing to Simon Hathrell, and close behind was Richard Waterman with six from eight, his losses being to Omied and Annabel. In their wake were Simon Hathrell and David Marsh, each with five wins in six games.

Lawn 3 showing the contrast between the damp and dry patches.

There had been rain prior to the tournament, but while the after-effects could be seen on lawns 2, 3 and 4, lawn 1 had dried out completely and was somewhat faster. Playing conditions were fair to good, but although several triples were attempted none came off, one of the nearest being Omied’s attempt at a combination pegout in his game against John Bevington. Our thanks to Rod Ashwell for management and Geoff, Angela and David for the catering.

Omied Hallam (-1) 7/8

Annabel McDiarmid (-1½) 6/7

Richard Waterman (0) 6/8

Simon Hathrell (-1) 5/6

David Marsh (-1) 5/6

Adrian Kirby (-½) 3/6

Stephen Wright (1½) 3/8

Stephen Custance-Baker (½) 2/5

Adrian Morris (1½) 2/6

John Bevington (1½) 2/6

Jonathan Wolfe (½) 1/4

George Collin (1½) 1/5

Rod Ashwell (-1) 1/5

Nigel Polhill (-1) 1/6

George Woolhouse (2½) 0/4

Omied Hallam

David Marsh

Annabel McDiarmid

l-r Adrian Morris, Simon Hathrell, Stephen Wright, manager Rod Ashwell, winner Omied Hallam, David Marsh, Nigel Polhill, Annabel McDiarmid, George Collin

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