Friendly v Cambridge University

21 May

This match was organised by Richard Keighley and was one of a number of friendlies against local clubs which Cambridge were using as warm-ups for the forthcoming match against Oxford. Although well-matched on paper, students’ handicaps can sometimes underestimate their ability, as was the case here.

The format was advanced play with doubles in the morning and singles in the afternoon. Time limits were set not in terms of duration but as a cut-off time before meals, effectively three hours or so.

Bryan Harral (0) and Peter Aspinall (10) lost to James Brind (3½) and Ed Linscott (8) -4T

John Bevington (1½) and David Woolley (9) lost to Craig Winfield (0) and Douglass Buisson (10 -1T

Bryan Harral lost to Craig Winfield -11

John Bevington lost to James Brind -8

David Woolley lost to Ed Linscott -8T

Peter Aspinall beat Douglas Buisson +14T

Bryan got to 4-back early on but what happened afterwards is unclear. In the other game Craig was intent on getting Duncan round first, but John got to 1-back and was later able to peel David through, his own ball staying in the jaws which allowed David to return the favour after the opponents missed. David had earlier peeled Douglas through 1-back as being the only way to get to partner. More peels followed when John rushed partner in front of 2-back, but eventually Craig hit in and went round with more peels to take the win.

Craig then beat Bryan after a failed triple attempt, and they had time for another game - this time the triple succeeded. John had a close game and should have done better but for a sloppy approach at 4-back, but James played exceptionally well and was hitting from anywhere. Badly hampered after 1-back, he hit a ball east of hoop 3 before taking off and hitting another long shot to pick up the ball left in corner 1 and continue his break. It was left to Peter to avoid the whitewash, which was a good performance for one unused to advanced rules.

All good fun, and thanks to Richard for setting it up.

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