Handicap Tournament 19-20 May

The tournament was won by Bryan Harral, who had the lowest handicap, played the most games and won them all. A second prize was awarded to Jonathan Lambton who had the highest net points score of +72 from five games.

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The 15 entries were evenly spread on handicap from 0 to 20, and manager Eric Audsley did his best to avoid the seven home members having to play each other. Our thanks to Tim and Gill Brewer for lunches and teas, and to whatever natural forces brought us such warm and sunny weather.

Bryan Harral (0) 6/6

Jonathan Lambton (8), Keith Harker (7), Robert Skeen (6) 4/5

Geoff Strutt (9), Tony Elliott (6) 3/5

Richard Keighley (14), John Bevington (1½) 2/5

Andre Machell (7), Eric Audsley (2) 2/4

Mel Christie (20), Peter Aspinall (10), David Gillett (6), George Woolhouse (2½), George Collin (1) 1/5

Bryan Harral receives his prize from Eric Audsley. Watching, l-r: Jonathan Lambton, Keith Harker, Richard Keighley, George Collin, Peter Aspinall, Tony Elliott, George Woolhouse, Geoff Strutt, Robert Skeen and Mel Christie.

Mel Christie’s mallet and balls casting perfect shadows during his game against George Collin on Saturday evening.



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