The winner, as last year, was Bryan Harral, who won four of his five games, losing only to John Tew, and also beat Peter Aspinall, the only other player with four wins. Richard Keighley was the next best of the higher handicappers with three wins from four. His first game and only loss was against John Bevington, but it dragged on so long (there were no time limits) that by the time it had finished everyone else had started their next game.

Handicap Tournament 18/19 May

Eric Audsley presents Bryan Harral with the winner’s prize. Looking on (l-r) Mel Christie, Richard Keighley, David Frost, Geoff Strutt and Peter Aspinall.

There were 16 entries and Wrest Park members made up half the field. Handicaps ranged from -½ to 18 with seven between 4 and 6. Playing conditions were ideal, but the dry weather prior to the tournament made it difficult to keep the hoops firmly set. A prolonged heavy shower early on Saturday afternoon came close to making the lawns unplayable for a while, but thankfully it did not last.

Thanks to all who helped with the catering, especially Peter Aspinall, who prepped Sunday’s lunch at home before coming out to help set up the lawns ready for play.

Bryan Harral (-½)  4/5

Peter Aspinall (11)  4/5

Richard Keighley (12)  3/4

Hugh Manson (6)  3/5

John Tew (6)  3/5

Jonathan Toye (6)  3/5

David Frost (4)  3/5

Eric Audsley (2)  2/4

John Bevington (1)  2/4

Geoff Strutt (10)  2/5

Andre Machell (6)  2/5

Jonathan Lambton (5)  2/5

Robert Skeen (5)  2/5

George Collin (1½)  2/5

George Woolhouse (2½)  1/5

Mel Christie (18)  0/5

Hugh Manson runs 1-back safe in the knowledge that the 2-back pioneer is ready and waiting.

A green-winged orchid growing close to lawn 1. This could be the start of the club’s wild flower meadow.

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