AC Handicap Tournament 21-22 May

There were only nine entries, five of them from Wrest Park, but whether this was due to the lingering effect of the pandemic or part of an underlying trend is hard to say. Still, at least it meant there was no need for double banking.

The winner was David Marsh, who entered at the last minute and won his first four games by ever-increasing margins, but lost his last game against James Brind. Keith Harker also finished on four wins, having played a game more, but had lost to David in his second game on Saturday.

Peter Aspinall celebrated his birthday on Sunday, an occasion marked by the arrival of his daughter with a pair of silver balloons, and finished with a good win against manager Eric Audsley.

David Marsh (-1) 4/5

Keith Harker (5) 4/6

George Collin (0) 3/4

Bryan Harral (-½) 3/6

Peter Aspinall (10) 2/5

Eric Audsley (½) 2/5

James Brind (0) 2/6

Andre Machell (5) 1/4

Jonathan Lambton (3½) 1/5

Peter Aspinall watches the balloons trying to go up.

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